Trainer Answers Fitness Questions

Have you started training for a marathon with out the proper information or guidelines?

Or are you attempting to get fit or stay fit but continue to feel like a misfit in the gym or on the track.

If so it maybe time to consult a personal trainer.

Trainers can show the way to better fitness while avoiding injuries.

Amy Dixon is an exercise physiologist who writes a monthly column for Women’s Health magazine and stars in the magazine’s two new DVDs, “Total Workout in 10!” and “Ultimate Fat Burn!”

She offers a few answers to common fitness questions posed by readers:
Q: I’m having a problem getting rid of my “muffin pouch,” “love handles” and inner-thigh bulge. I’m an avid runner, but don’t have much time for strength training. Please help!

A: Sounds like your body has reached a plateau and it’s time to change up your fitness routine. Vary your workouts by running three days a week and up your intensity with speed work and different terrain. Add cycling and stair-climbing into your workouts and try weight lifting, too. But it’s also time to take a serious look at your diet. Chances are you’re eating more calories than you think. Start a food diary and check out the calorie and fat contents in the food and drinks you consume.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to curb late-night eating?

A: Try doing something productive that stimulates the mind, such as reading. If you can just get through several nights without hitting the fridge or the cookie jar, you’ll have more willpower the next time around.

Q: I had my first child a year ago. I’ve lost most of the weight I put on; however, I can’t seem to get rid of the fat that’s on my belly. What can I do?

A: Typically, the first place you put weight on is the last place that it’s going to come off. In order for you to shed the excess fat, you’re going to need to increase the intensity in your cardio, keep up with a weightlifting program and take a detailed look at your diet and make the necessary changes. Trust me-I’ve been there twice.

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